we use advanced diagnostic equipment.


We have the latest factory-approved diagnostic equipment and are in constant contact with the factory for the latest service updates. And because we fit Genuine parts, your vehicle will continue to perform to the highest standards.

If your vehicle isn’t performing to your complete satisfaction, a Diagnostic Assessment can find out why. We’ll quote a fixed price for a Diagnostic Assessment, and our factory-trained technicians will use advanced diagnostic equipment to find the cause.

As soon as we’ve found out what’s wrong we’ll give you a call to discuss a solution and provide a firm quotation for the repair if applicable. For more complex issues, we’ll provide an estimate for additional diagnosis.

To book or for more information click here or call us.

At Carrozzeria our trained technicians will thoroughly check your vehicle, recording any mechanical flaws and advisory issues. If your car needs any work we’ll always ask your permission first.

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